We have wonderful volunteers who serve as officers of the Gustine Historical Society, chair committees, publish our newsletter “The Magpie”, staff the Gustine Museum and help at the Wilbur & Irene Gomes Gustine History Center.  They are knowledgeable, personable, reliable and much appreciated.  They help with maintenance and landscaping at both our buildings.

The Gustine Historical Society has a small part-time paid staff involved in the acquisition and display of artifacts and the preservation of historical records.  Those tasks leave them no time to attend to the visitors, a role handled by our docents.

Our largest group of docents serve at the Gustine Museum.  By definition a docent is a person who greet visitors, answers inquiries and helps visitors in the gift shop. Hosting visitors through the Gustine Museum is a fun and fulfilling way to spend an afternoon.  Visitors from all over the world have toured our little Courthouse/Jail Museum and everyone is appreciative of the time we spend with them.

Docents choose to work on either Thursday or Sunday afternoons, once every other month.  You will always work with another docent.  You will receive training from an experienced volunteer until you reach a comfortable level of knowledge.

Inquiries about any volunteer position are non-binding.  If interested in being a docent call 209-854-3081.