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The Gustine Historical Society offers a wide selection of books on California, local history, Portuguese culture, jewelry, note cards, etc.  All goods are available at the Museum, History Center and on-line.  View some of the Virtual Museum Shop items:

Shipping Costs:  Add $5.00 for each book or video for postage and handling.  For other items add $3.00.   California residents must also include California Sales tax of 8.25%. ALL ORDERS SHIPPED U.S. MAIL.

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Words Beyond the DictionaryPhilosophy and Random ThoughtsBen Leonard, M.D.$18.95
Wind In The PassThe True Story Behind The Haunting of The Pacheco Pass including Yokuts Indians and their meeting with the Mission padres and soldiers.David Allee$12.99
Where The Green Grass GrowsA later novel about Š—“Man HunterŠ—Major Mitchell$14.95
Trepidation TrailInspired by family on the Oregon TrailGary J. Crawford$15.00
Vasquez, CaliforniaŠ—Ès Forgotten BanditTerror of CaliforniaJack Jones$9.95
Thick Fog in Pacheco PassA Charlie Caldwell Novel- A mystery in town much like GustineR. P. McCabe$16.50
The Way We Lived: California Indian Stories, Songs and ReminiscencesIndian Stories, Songs and ReminiscencesMalcolm Margolin$14.95
The Truth About SacajaweaKenneth Thomasma$11.99
The Road Over: Central Point Š—– Old Los Banos Pacheco Pass
Los Banos-Pacheco Pass Area
Charles Sawyer
The Ohlone WayIndian LifeMalcolm Margolin$14.95
The Holy Ghost FestasPortuguese festivalsTony P. Goulart$100.00
The Hollywood Posse: The Story Of A Gallant Band Of Horsemen Who Made Movie History
Hollywood Movie Extras
Diana Serra Cary
The Do’±aCalifornia Historical NovelMajor Mitchell$14.95
The Cattle King: Biography of Henry Miller, Founder of the Miller and Lux Cattle Empire
Biography of Henry Miller
Edward F. Treadwell
Tales From the San JoaquinGrowing up Wild in Stevinson Colony, The Land Between the RiversRobert Edminster$25.00
Tailholt TalesStory of Thomas Jefferson MayfieldF. F. Latta$40.00
Streams of the San Joaquin: Valley of the Tules:. Geographic and Ecological Considerations of CaliforniaŠ—Ès San Joaquin ValleyGeographic and Ecological CaliforniaŠ—Ès San Joaquin ValleyRobert Edminster$15.00
Sixty Acres and a BarnA Novel About a Portuguese Immigrant in San Joaquin ValleyAlfred Lewis$25.00
SacagaweaŠ—Ès Son: The Life of Jean Baptiste Charbonneau (Lewis and Clark Expedition)

Life of Jean Baptiste CharbonneauMarion Tingling$11.95
Power of the Sprit:A Portuguese Journey of Building Faith and Churches in Californialluminates the history of the Portuguese in CaliforniaJoe Machado, Ferreira Moreno and Jos’© Do Couto Rodrigues$45.00
Poverty FlatMajor Mitchell$13.95
P.O.W.: A KriegieŠ—Ès Story
Frank Farr$16.95
Out of Our AbundanceGustine Historical Society cookbook 2010Gustine Historical Society cookbook 2010$12.95
Our Sport Š—– Market HuntingWildfowl Hunting on West Side San Joaquin ValleyCharles Sawyer
One Man ShowHenry MillerCharles Sawyer$24.95
NewmanŠ—Ès Chronicle of the Century 1888-1988
1888-1988Barbara Ewing Powell
Names On The LandA History of Henry W. Coe State ParkTeddy Goodwin
Moving OnWagon Train accounts of Billy Stockton, Crow Family, Sarah Summers Clark Billy Stockton; Crow Family; Sarah S. Clark$16.00
Mokelumne GoldSequel to Š—“The Do’±aŠ—. FictionMajor Mitchell$19.95
Memories of a Portuguese Immigrant to the San Joaquin ValleyTony Jerome$19.95
May Day Celebration in Los Banos
Milliken Historical SocietyMilliken Historical Society$1.50
Man HunterA novel about a Half Commanche Bounty HunterMajor Mitchell$14.95
Living on the Cusp Š—– A MemoireMemoires of life growing up in the Central ValleyDavid A. Marshall
$15.00 Hard bound or $10.00 Paperback
Left Hand TurnA Story of the Donner Party WomenJeannette Gould Maino
Land of Past ContentGrowing up in Gustine areaGordon Ouse
Jackie Coogan: The World Š—…s Boy KingBiography of HollywoodŠ—Ès Legendary Child StarDiana Serra Cary$34.95
ItŠ—Ès Been Good to Know YouMore of Gordon OuseŠ—Ès life in GustineGordon Ouse$15.00
Ishi: In Two Worlds: A Biography of Last Wild Indian in North AmericaThe story of Ishi begins for us early in the morning of the twenty-ninth day of August in the year 1911 and in the corral.Theodora Kroeber
Indian SummerA True Account of Traditional Life Among the Choinumne Indians of CaliforniaŠ—Ès San Joaquin ValleyThomas J. Mayfield told to F. F. Latta$14.00
Immaculate DeceptionGaryŠ—Ès debut Š—“Sam McCloudŠ— novel set in Modesto.Gary J. Crawford$12.00
I No Longer Like ChocolatesStruggles of Azorean Daily Life in the United StatesAlamo Oliveira$15.00
I Made A Lot Of TracksThis unflinching autobiography is a cautionary tale. Cattle trader Phil Stadtler makes us understand that by giving in to consumerism and ease, Š—“weŠ—Ève lost more than weŠ—Ève gained,Š— that independence and hard work are the attributes that made our country great.Š—Phil Stadtler$50.00
HollywoodŠ—Ès Children
An Inside Account of Child Star Era
Diana Serra Cary
HeidiŠ—Ès HouseA Sam McCloud NovelGary J. Crawford$12.00
Gustine, Gem of the ValleyHistory of GustinePatricia Carson Snoke$10.00
Golden Guide To Reptiles and AmphibiansHobart M. Smith, Herbert S. Zim, Hobart Smith, James Gordon Irvin$7.00
Golden Guide To MammalsHerbert S. Zim, Donald F. Hoffmeister, James Gordon Irving$7.00
Golden Guide To FossilsHobart M. Smith, Herbert S. Zim, Hobart Smith, James Gordon Irvin$7.00
Golden Guide To DinosaursEugene S. Gaffney, John D. Dawson$7.00
Golden Guide To Birds
Herbert S. Zim, Ira N. Gabrielson, Chandler S. Robbins, James Gordon Irving$7.00
Gold Rush: A Literary ExplorationCompanion to PBS Special Š—“The Gold RushŠ—Edited by Michael Kowalewski$10.00
Ghost Towns of Merced County
Herb Wood$12.95
Francisco Pacheco of Pacheco Pass (Monograph Š—– Holt-Atherton Pacific Center for Western Studies; no. 7)Dr. Albert Shumate
Foxes in Central CaliforniaDescription of Species & Their Place in the San Joaquin Valley Wildlife CommunityRobert Edminster$20.00
Footprints in the SoilA Portuguese Š—– Californian RemembersRose Peters Embry$19.95
Evans and Sontag: The Famous Outlaws of CaliforniaBandits of the San Joaquin ValleyHu Maxwell$14.95
Escape From Soledad Prison1953 prison escape and man hunt, includes their apprehension, and escape after severly beating Gustine Police Chief Floyd Randall.Lisa Eisemann$12.00
East of the Gabilan: The ranches, the towns, the peopleŠ—–yesterday and todayC. Marjorie Pierce$14.95
Dusty BootsWestern Novel of Two Brothers in 1800Š—ÈsMajor Mitchell$13.95
Double TapA Š—“Sam McCloudŠ— novel set in ModestoGary J. Crawford$12.00
Death Valley Š—È49ersF. F. Latta$24.95
Dalton Gang DaysF. F. Latta$19.95
Classic Tales in California HistoryAlton Pryor
Celebrating GustineŠ—Ès CentennialSpecial Insert 6/28/07Mattos Newspapers$1.00
California Ranger, Missing in The Mother LodeGary J. Crawford$15.00
Canyon WindA western novel of the late 1800Š—ÈsMajor Mitchell$15.95
California Desperados Stories of Early California Outlaws in Their Own Words
California Desperados Stories of Early California Outlaws in Their Own Words
Early California outcasts in their own wordsWilliam B. Secrest$15.95
Bret HarteŠ—Ès Gold RushOutcasts of Poker Flat and Other Stories
Bret Harte
Black Bart, Boulevardier Bandit: The Saga of CaliforniaŠ—Ès Most Mysterious Stagecoach Robber and the Men Who Sought to Capture HimStagecoach Bandit
George Hoeper
BetrayedVictim of a Ponzi scheme seeks revengeR. P. McCabe$16.50
Argonauts of CaliforniaVignettes of Pre 1850 CaliforniaVignettes of Pre 1850 California$19.95
Almost EdenIndians of Coe State ParkTeddy Goodrich$8.95
Adopted by Indians: A True StoryChildrenŠ—Ès version of Indian SummerThomas Jefferson Mayfield$10.95
A Salamander at Bell StationA collection of short stories in tribute to SteinbeckR. P. McCabe
A Cow for the Holy SpiritAn ImmigrantŠ—Ès Journey The Azores to CaliforniaRose Silva King$12.50
A Barrelful of MemoriesChronicles life of a Portuguese Dairy Farming Family in the early 1900Š—ÈsPauline Correia Stonehill
1995 Our Lady of Miracles Celebration videoVideo$20.00