Who is Gustine Historical Society?

The Gustine Historical Society seeks to uncover,  preserve and disseminate knowledge about the history of Gustine and the “West Side” of Merced County, California. Gustine has a long and rich history that mirrors the development of California’s agriculture. The historical society offers exhibits, research opportunities, books for sale, hundreds of photographs and documents and a variety of activities throughout the year linking Gustine’s past and the people who made it happen to today.

Society members have collected artifacts, memorabilia, documents, books, maps, periodicals, articles, photographs, and items pertaining to Gustine and its surrounding area. These artifacts reside in the Wilbur and Irene Gomes Gustine History Center and in creative exhibits at the Gustine Museum.

The Society has a YouTube Channel. There you will find videos gleaned from members’ 8mm, 16mm, and VHS recordings. Some have sound, others do not. Take a look. You are bound to see people and places you will recognize. Take a trip down memory lane by clicking here.

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